Health Care: You Break It; You Pay for It

The White House, through its reporter/spokesmen, is now trial-ballooning its latest desperate theme:  If Republicans repeal ObamaCare, they will deny sucky Medicaid welfare/insurance to the people Obama has now addicted to it.

And then they cite some bogus figure — for instance, 3,000,000 people, nationally.

The first interesting thing about these figures is that, by the White House’s own admission,about a fifth of the people included come from states that didn’t expand Medicaid at all. If Obama’s lousy economic policies succeed in continuing to impoverish them, the repeal of ObamaCare would not directly affect their ability to continue to receive Medicaid.

By extrapolation, the same could be said for at least as many non-ObamaCare-qualified Medicaid recipients in blue states. Meaning, as most of us predicted, that far fewer than 2,000,000 low-turnout-voters were newly qualified for really-low-quality welfare/insurance as a result of the Medicaid expansion to 138% ofthe poverty line in blue and RINO states. This, plus a measly 1.4 million newly insured from the exchanges.

But here’s an idea for Leftist states that scrambled to get “free money” by validating ObamaCare:  You broke it; you pay for it.

As Obama has made clear, there is nothing to legally prevent the federal government from changing its mind.  And there is nothing to keep Congress from saying:  Leftist and RINO states are free to continue providing expanded Medicaid, if they think it’s a good deal, so long as the states are willing to pay for it.  Even though a plummeting level of fewer than 40% of doctors will now accept new Medicaid patients.

Since about half the states have refused to grab the “free money,” why should the poor states pay for health care in the rich states?  Why should Texas pay for New York?

Health care:  You broke it; you pay for it.  Let Andrew Cuomo and Jerry Brown tell “starving infants and children” that they can no longer receive “Confederate money” welfare/insurance that no one accepts.