Here's How to Stop Dirty Harry Reid's "Cheat Scheme"

Add to the things that I never thought would come out of my word processor the following: Mitch McConnell is right.

If Harry Reid establishes the precedent that the Senate can violate its written rules by the brute force of a 50(plus Biden)-vote margin, the Senate no longer has any enforceable rules.

That pivotal nominee to the Supreme Court who will decide whether Heller is reversed and the Second Amendment is nothing more than a “militia right”? Majority vote.

A comprehensive gun ban? Majority vote.

Because, you see, you can’t be a little bit pregnant. And you can’t cheat “just a little.”

You can’t cheat, as bully-in-chief Harry Reid proposes to do, and limit your cheating to only the cheating you claim to make permissible.

If Harry Reid’s “cheat scheme” comes off, there are no limits to permissible cheating in the Senate.

So what is to be done?

First, someone (preferably, Marco Rubio, but alternatively Lamar Alexander or, if necessary, Mitch McConnell) needs to make it clear that, if Harry Reid pulls the trigger on the “nuclear option,” immigration reform is dead.

The House is going to “blue slip” the Senate bill (S. 744), which is, in fact, nothing but a massive unconstitutional revenue measure. Reid will need Rubio’s help to take the Senate bill and tack it onto a small House-passed revenue measure. And, if he doesn’t have it, his whole world collapses.

Second, someone in the House needs to begin circulating a letter saying that the House Republican caucus will not agree to any September 30 continuing resolution which does not defund the unconstitutional National Labor Relations Board. And they need to make it clear that they will shut down the government, if necessary, to achieve this goal.

Same for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Although not largely funded by appropriations, Bill Clinton made a credible argument, during the Clinton-Gingrich showdown, that trust-funded entities like Social Security couldn’t send out checks if appropriations dried up.

Finally, conservatives need to go into states of up-for-reelection reddish state Democrats (Alaska, Arkansas, North Carolina, Louisiana, Colorado, Virginia, New Hampshire) and make it clear that, if those senators clear the way for 50-vote approval of an anti-gun BATF director (with his anti-gun rules), they can’t expect to run for reelection as anything but Obama clones.

It’s not a question of giving Obama the right to “name his team,” as Reid claims. Obama’s “team” writes more law than Congress. And they have not hesitated to use this power.

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