Guns are the New ObamaCare

In May, 2009, Republican senators took the unusual step of inviting a pollster to speak to them at their weekly lunch.  The pollster told them, in effect, that, if they opposed health care reform, the party would suffer large losses in 2010.

The same bogus polls are being used to push Republicans into destroying the largest remaining component of their “ground game” — the Second Amendment community.  If they resist, as we, with some difficulty, forced them to do on ObamaCare, they will take the Senate in 2014.

Guns are the new ObamaCare.  In many senses.

First of all, you have to pass it “to see what’s in it.”

In Leahy’s supposedly non-controversial gun trafficking bill, a person becomes a “prohibited person” at federal law if he is prohibited from owning a gun by a state or local government.  Thus, if a state requires a license to own a gun, the federal government becomes a guarantor of gun licensure.

But guns are the new ObamaCare in another way as well.

They supposedly tell us that, not only the populace, but the hard-core Second Amendment community, support virtually all elements of Obama’s anti-gun agenda.  I think I know a lot about how gun owners feel about Obama, having been on hundreds of pro-gun radio programs all over the country.  And they universally hate his gun agenda.

Thus, the Johnsons, Pryors, Landrieus, Begiches, Hagans, Warners, Shaheens, and Baucuses are being lured into a “gun-control lite” agenda which is wildly unpopular in their states — and which will be the central issue on which huge numbers of their constituents vote. This gun-control lite will probably consist of universal background checks which will establish the framework for a national gun registry (as BATF increasingly goes into gun dealers in their annual inspection and copies all of the information  on their 4473’s).  It will also include Leahy’s gun trafficking/mandatory licensure language.

And all Republicans have to do to win the Senate in 2014 is ……………………….. nothing.

If they don’t become complicit in the Democrats’ efforts to “break the back of the gun lobby,” they will win.  If they join with Democrats and sing cum ba ya, guns will be taken off the table in 2014 and they will lose.  All of Obama’s agenda will become unstoppable.