Press reports now make it clear what Vice President Joe Biden’s gun control package will look like:

— A Feinstein-like semi-auto ban which, according to experts who have done the counting, would ban up to 50% of all long guns currently in circulation and up to 80% of all handguns.  Incidentally, if you wanted to keep the AR-15 you currently have, you would have to have a 6-month FBI background check, be fingerprinted, and get a machine gun-type license.

— The framework for national gun registration and confiscation by requiring every gun transaction to have a Brady Check.

— Another semi-auto gun ban which would be accomplished by banning magazines which many guns are configured for.

— Supposed “toughening” of anti-gun trafficking measures, but without doing anything about the man responsible for allowing more gun trafficking than any other American:  Attorney General Eric Holder (with his Fast and Furious program).

Let us backtrack and explain a couple of things:  Increasingly BATF is going into gun dealers and xeroxing all of the 4473’s.  This is illegal under McClure-Volkmer, but, in case you hadn’t noticed, Obama is increasingly ignoring the law when it inconveniences him.

Thus, if every gun transaction in America must have a Brady Check, every gun in America could presumably be fed into a national registration system by BATF by simply copying the 4473’s.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo -– a man who gives you a pretty good idea of where gun control is going -– said, on the front page of the New York Times, that, once New York had a list of all gun owners, it needed to consider “confiscation.”

But what about magazines?

Republicans like Georgia’s Phil Gingrey have talked about the possibility of banning them.

First of all, many guns are configured to certain magazines.  If you ban magazines, you ban guns.

Second, there are 40,000,000 large-capacity magazines in circulation.  What are you going to do about them?

Third, changing magazines (or switching guns) is not a big deal for people like Adam Lanza.

Fourth, magazines are easy to make.

Fifth -– and perhaps most important –- this is a game the anti-gun zealots have played before:  They threaten to kill the Second Amendment, and then negotiate their way back to “merely” eviscerating it.

Giving the anti-gunners their negotiated “victory” does nothing more than set them up to demand more when they exploit the next tragedy.

The only way that America’s gun owners are going to have peace over the next decade is to stop ALL gun control -– as we did after Columbine –- and then defeat anti-gun “red state” Democrats running for reelection in 2014.

The nation’s children will be safer too, as a result of the reduction in copycat killings stirred by successive media frenzies, as the liberal pundits try to squeeze ratings and political gain by exploiting tragedies such as this.