We Americans Have Elected Our Last POTUS

We Americans Have Elected Our Last POTUS
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As we wait to see how this 2020 General Election shakes out, I realized, that unless significant changes are made to restore our election integrity and restrain subversive influences, we the people are done electing our President of the United States.  A sizable minority of the population may even think they have this freedom, but they will be deluding themselves.  They got the outcome they wanted, but only because they wanted what the machine wanted.  The machine will win.

It’s unclear at this point whether the last one that “we the people” elected was in 2016 or in 2020, but we could not have fully lost control of the candidate elected earlier than 2016 – there is no way that any of the forces seeking to subvert our constitutional republic would have chosen Donald Trump.  They did want him in the Primary, but certainly not the General.  And if we do indeed elect Donald Trump in 2020, there is no way moving forward that we will encounter such favorable conditions to prevail against those same forces as we did this year, in 2020.

Freedom cannot have a bigger advocate than Donald Trump.  I assert this considering firstly his intent, but also by necessity temperament and ability.  No president in my lifetime has been a better restorative force toward the constitution and its freedoms than Donald Trump.  I loved Reagan, of course, but it seems to me that Donald Trump has achieved more in his first term, and with unbelievable (and illegal) headwinds.

On the other hand, while all the progressive candidates are nightmarish for the country, some (Obama) do a better job of hiding their horribleness from voters.  Hillary was a hideous corrupt candidate.  Biden (Biden/Harris/Pelosi) is even more transparently corrupt, less capable of coherent thought, and a trojan horse for God-knows-what or -whom.  If this election can be this close, they can only get worse from here.

Unless.  We need to treat elections as if the American Experiment and our freedoms depend on them – because they clearly do.

Here’s my proposed list of “MUSTS” going forward:

  • One person, one vote.  A national voter ID?  I think there is some reason that people don’t want this, but I’m not hip to the downside.
  • Auditable paper ballots only.  (I don’t know how we make elections transparent and auditable otherwise).  I have a hard time trusting the output of a machine that seems to come with one message “trust me”.
  • Voters must demonstrate competence.  A test.  If you don’t understand the government we have, and the proposed changes, you don’t have a say.  I’m not talking calculus here, I’m talking basic constitution/freedom content.
  • Voting age cannot be less than the required age to buy alcohol or firearms, or to be tried as an adult.  If you are not adult enough to make these decisions, then you are not adult enough to make political decisions.  So what is it so be progressives?  18?  21?
  • Clean voter rolls, nationally crosschecked.  If a jurisdiction will not clean up its rolls, its votes are invalid outside that jurisdiction.
  • Voting in person with few exceptions.  (left for later definition)
  • Election duration will be 1 day (24 hours) minimum to 7 days (168 hours) maximum, with all jurisdictions ending at the same point in time (not the same hour).  The polling locations must be continually observed and protected through the election window locally chosen.
  • No results get pushed out until after the synchronized close.
  • No ballots opened / counted without observer representation by at least the top two opposed parties.

These “election” protections need to be coupled with “democracy” protections.  I’m not trying to hit an exhaustive list here, but hey some of this is easy.

  • We cannot continue to tolerate the political bias in our communication platforms.
  • Content from media companies is going to be what it is.  We need to educate the populace that these are subjective platforms, and to act accordingly.
  • User-published material must be supported without censorship.  If these platforms want to host user thought, they must support all user thought.  And the populace needs to be educated accordingly.
  • I don’t know how we do this — but the one censorship flag I would like to see on these user-media platforms is an indication of whether the poster is a USA citizen or not.  And again, we educate people to caveat emptor –  the reader can decide whether or not we choose to listen to/respect a post from outside our country.  But knowing that a post is coming from an Iranian agent instead of a local mother might help us to treat a post in a manner that it deserves.

These reforms may seem easy, impossible, I don’t know.  But I do know, if we don’t get a hold of this, we are not holding free elections in the United States of America.


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