Reparations - The Senate Must Acquit Now


This move should be bipartisan, but regardless, Sen. McConnell and other leaders should forcefully put down any more fishing expeditions, witness callings, stalls, Kavanaugh maneuvers of any sort.  For Heaven’s sake and that of America.  Shame the hell out of the whole lot of people who would even entertain further waste of time.

Really.  I’m not going to re litigate it here.  There are no crimes.  Everything accused is more readily evidenced by members of the left than Trump.  No rational person should need any further discussion.  As a country, we should hold our collective heads in shame for either fomenting, perpetrating, ignoring, or allowing this soft coup – and it is well past time to apologize to our American countrymen, who elected Donald Trump in full view of everything that the Anti-Americans could throw at him.  Throw this out, let the administration get to work, and then open a full-throttled purge of the bad actors.  We can’t give the three years back, but we can stop this now and make damn sure that we set back the coupsters by decades.