Looking for Meaning? Truth? Merry Christmas!

If I tell a personal story of when God showed up for me, it can be written off as my own hallucination.  If I tell of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, the response can be that he’s a myth.  If a person is hell-bound to deny Christ, they can stay in the company of many who believe they do this successfully.

But if you are open to truth, and looking for a counter sign or counter weights to the pervasive worldly denial of God’s story, there is truth that stands the test of time, that points to a God that not only created you, but can see beyond your troubled past to a peaceful future with him.  If you care to find the truth, it is there to find.

I was one who argued God’s non-existence.  I had to stop arguing when God kept showing up and ruining my narrative.

The best evidence of God is always personal.  But I came across a video that I thought makes a case for God and points to Jesus in a way that is hard for the world to counter.  What it shows – extraordinary things happened in the sky during Jesus’ life, including a matched pair of events that marked the start of his life when he was conceived and the time of his death to the hour.  And of course the Bethlehem star that is part of the Christmas Nativity story – the star that drew the wise men from Babylon to Jesus.

If you are set to deny Christ, it probably won’t “flip” you.  If you are looking for some truth, some evidence that there is a God and that we humans matter to him, you may find this a compelling stop on your journey to know him better.

Merry Christmas RedState!  May God grant that you would know Him and live accordingly.


PS. the youtube video quality online is not stellar (ok, pun intended) – you may want to find it on your streaming service, and/or get the DVD.