After Rigorous Review by the Brass, The War Will Continue Unabated

After Rigorous Review by the Brass, The War Will Continue Unabated


The speech was only a few hours ago, and already the long knives are out for our president.  (Remember the days when winning an election meant that he was OUR president?)  The shrill cries: “He has flip-flopped on Afghanistan” [implied: what a clown!]

Do we all agree that there was nothing that he could have said that would have gotten any less of an immune response from the left?

If he had said:

  • We are withdrawing from Afghanistan: “Trump caring about no one, recklessly discards the results gained by Americans’ blood”
  • We are staying the course: “Trump, like a deer in the headlights, votes present on Afghanistan”
  • We are surging: “Losing the war, Trump doubles down”
  • We will give it a year: “idiot Trump telegraphs deadline – ISIS will wait him out”
  • We will give it as long as it takes: “Trump with no plan will kill our kids until we are ‘tired of winning'”

We can all write our own by now…

So, of course, the war on Trump by the left will continue unabated, regardless of the fact that the President listened to his generals and advisors, came to a conclusion other than his predetermined one, and in spite of the risk of the “flip-flopper” label, he admitted that his perspective has changed and that he is more committed to doing this right than having been right.

As much as I would have liked to have been represented by and led by a more ideal conservative constitutionalist, we are at war against the left and those who want to see America weakened (but I repeat myself) with the president that we have, not (necessarily) the president that we wanted.  He did this one right, and tonight more than ever I want to see him succeed and the progressive media exposed as the lie machine that it is.


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