Delegates - Oaths You Have Taken, Now Fulfill Them All!

I know you want to do the right thing and stand up for your country, its freedoms and ideals.  The country that stands strong offering freedom and opportunity to ALL, not solely the rich or the poor.  Affirming personal responsibility and capability, not scarcity, dependency, and victimhood.

May this diary help give you the courage to do what you must are we to survive the Hydra – the dual-headed monster that is Hillary/Trump.

We find ourselves in a historic position as we approach the end of the 2016 Republican presidential primary.

After starting with the best field of candidates seen in my lifetime, the Republican party has successfully sifted the wheat from the chaff – and thrown out the WHEAT.  We fired up the refiners kettle, separating the gold from the dross – kept the dross, and discarded the gold.

By every standard of what the Republican Party stands for, the “presumptive nominee” is not what we are as Republicans, as Conservatives, as the Vanguard of defense of the Constitution of the United States.

Will you fight the hijacking of our party?  Or will you rationalize and make excuses about how you have to follow the rules?

Obligation and loyalty are two-way streets, and the Orange One has none to the Republican Party, let alone to our Republican Platform or to the Constitution of the United States of America.  He feels no obligation to his fellow humans or to God above.  We owe him NOTHING.  And God willing, we will deliver just that to him.

Hey, collectively our elected national Republican leaders have done a horrible job of fulfilling their oaths, but we, mostly volunteers with nothing to gain but the health of our nation have become involved and put in our blood, sweat, and tears for just this reason.  We hold ourselves to a higher standard.  We will do what it takes to strength our party, our candidates, and our nation.  We will stop the charlatan.

You will not leave Cleveland loved by all.  This is not a choice available to you.  Your choices are:

1) Go with the flow, lie to yourselves and your countrymen, and announce him as a fit leader for the party going into the General Election, where he will be slaughtered, or

2) Follow your hearts, minds, and your loyalties to defend our Constitutional Republic by any and all means necessary.  Use every rule and interpretation necessary to build the case and find an alternate solution.  Stand on the wall and fight.  Fulfill your Oaths.  Leave everything on the field of battle fulfilling your destiny as the bulwark of an industrious and prosperous west and world.

You may not put the Donald forward and hold up your heads – you will have become but the cheapest of harlots and sold your soul for what will become but the fleetest and falsest “solution”, like “peace in our time”

I don’t know how to negotiate finding a consensus candidate before/during convention – all I know is that YOU MUST.  Your reward for your courage and bravery will be the knowledge that you did what was necessary to find a path to a new candidate that can truly warrant and catalyze the unification of the Republican Party behind a credible candidate; and the sweet taste of victory and service to your nation:

  • The deeply flawed and dishonest gender-aggrieved Hillary blocked from being the US standard-bearer in November
  • Protection against horrific down-ballot losses
  • A path to nomination of reasonable Supreme Court nominees

Your country needs you.  This is the Time.  This is the Place.  Will you STAND and FIGHT?