Driving Miss Hillary

Seeing DrudgeReport’s link titled “WASH POST PAGE ONE FRIDAY: Hillary Refuses to Go Away” started me thinking – what keeps this woman keeping on?


1) Is Hillary driven to serve by the sheer weight of knowing that no subsequent public servant could possibly live up to the high bar that she has set in matters of competence?

Benghazi scandal


Military Hero(ine)ism



2) Is Hillary Driven to serve by “the Good of the Party”?

Dems against Hillary

Polling scares Democrats

Dems freaking out


3) Is Hillary driven by the assurance that the people are with her?

Crushingly bad polls


4) Is Hilary driven by her desire to give back?

Clinton Foundation not Charitable


I do have two I couldn’t rule out in the manner of the above:

487) Hillary is driven by love of money

532) Hillary is driven by naked power lust (from which I quickly averted my eyes for my own protection)


What do you think?  I’m sure I’ve missed some, and of course, feel free to embrace the healing power of and!