If Democrats caved like Republicans

Seeing Gov. Mike Pence folding up like a cheap suit on RFRA, I wonder what it is that so vastly differentiates testicular fortitude on the Left side of the aisle from the Right side.  Here I reimagine a few snippets of History, where we flip the spineless and courageous attributes of our Protagonists and Antagonists…

Scene 1:

  • [mc_name name=’Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’P000197′ ]: We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.
  • Generic R: What the h3ll are you smoking? That doesn’t make any sense!
  • Nancy: You’re right, my bad.  We’ll always publish our latest version at least a week ahead of any vote, to make sure you have a chance to review and provide feedback

Scene 2:

  • Barrack Obama: Iran is a key ally in the Middle East
  • Generic R: Key ally as in “primary sponsor of death and mayhem, sworn to the destruction of Israel (as a starter)”?
  • Barrack Obama: Let me be clear: there will be no deal with Iran

Scene 3:

  • ObamaCare defender: This doesn’t fund abortion, you crazed paranoiacs!
  • Generic R: Of course it does.  It says so here _____; and you siad so here ______.
  • ObamaCare defender: You’re right.  We are going to pull that right out of there!  And I wonder if there are other such mistakes?

Because this doesn’t happen (at least not often), I am thinking there are two possibilities, but am not ruling out the “healing power of and”:

Possibility 1: There is something about Republicans that makes them weaker, poorer communicators, etc.  Seems unlikely.

Possibility 2: The Republicans have a hidden agenda that they will actually fight for, it is just WAY DIFFERENT than the agenda they communicate to us….

It’s not constitution, conservatism, the unfettered hand of freedom – it’s about jobs (their own), the future (their own), and $$$ (yes, their own)