Eliminating the Unfair White Tax Penalty

Once Lady Justice has been allowed to see clearly (thank the Obama Administration for removing this handicap, which I guess then doubles as a victory for the ADA as well), we can finally start to fix some of these nagging injustices…

Take for instance, the issue that black male school children are “disproportionately” punished in schools.  The Obama Administration has used its bully pulpit and the (implied?) threat of removal of federal dollars to badger some schools to “fix” the problem, by which we mean, “under-punish offenses by black male school children”.  The Obama Administration should be publicly lauded for its willingness to take on this clear injustice.

But Obama is not one to be content with a partial victory, and so tonight Obama announced that his administration has moved onto another problem with clear racial overtones – taxation “disparity”.  Research has shown that whites are taxed far more than are blacks in America.  Again, the Obama Administration should be given kudos for recognizing this racial injustice and moving to rectify it, instead of just ignoring it as the Republicans have to date.  This is what leadership looks like:

Alas, as you know, the above paragraph is a parody, though the paragraph above that one is not.  And while the taxation “fix” is not real, it is the only one of the two “fixes” that will not harm the population it claims to help.