Mitt, I want my $100 back, and don't ask for more - UPDATED

UPDATE 7/4 0937 EDT:  Thanks friends for the well-deserved lash with the wet noodle.  You’re good comrades-at-arms – I let my guard down and whine, and you call me on it!  I’m over this and back into the battle.  While focusing on those below not doing their jobs, I forgot mine.  Mea culpa.

Well, I don’t need to replay last Thursday’s disaster at the Supreme Court for anyone, I think we’ve got it.  Chief Justice and now contestant for Law-Breaker-of-the-Year (against Eric Holder) John Roberts completely forgot his job description and rewrote Obamacare in such a way that he felt he could rule it constitutional.  Yes, and I’m Beethoven.

But we got one silver lining in the disaster – the Supreme Court said Obamacare is a tax, and otherwise it would be (is) unconstitutional.

OK, the Supreme Court threw this back to the people, theoretically believing that we will now do their job, and get the unconstitutional legislation repealed.  As Mitt Romney is supposed to be the standard-bearer for those who believe in the constitution, want small government, and their own freedom, I did something I had thus far held off doing.  I wanted to send a loud and clear message, “if the Supreme Court will not do its job, I will send Mitt to do it.”  I logged in on his site and donated to his campaign.

But alas, he has made me eat my words of recent days, “I’m starting to get really optimistic that Mitt will win, and that he will in fact govern well, and in line with conservative principles.”  We’re back to what I told my political friends before all the debates, “there is NO WAY Mitt will ever repeal Obamacare.”  Well, shame on me for wavering.

Mitt’s back in view 3 ways today:

1) Denying that Obamacare is a tax,

2) Sending me an email, days on the heels of the last, asking for more money,

3) And relaxing at some beach.

Mitt, if you have any scruples you will return my $100, which was donated in the conservative cause.  To support the blood, sweat, and tears that it will take to undo what all three branches of government have done, instead of following their oaths to defend the constitution.  And looking forward, you will have no more of my money until you publicly go all-in on the repeal.  ALL-IN.  Because if you DON’T, you WON’T.  And if you WON’T, you look just just another constitution-ignoring poseur.

Fool me once, shame on you.  And that will be enough of that!