Off to War Update: Is this Your Committee?

It’s been a few months since I have been serving on my County Central Committee in California, and some time since my last update.  To quickly catch you up on my story – I got tired of watching my beloved United States turn into something very different than the founders intended.  I wrote letters.  I talked to people.  All my effort had exactly no effect.  Finally Coldwarrior argued some sense into me, “the only way to make a difference is to get in, to become a voting member in the Party.”  Yikes.  I can’t say I was happy with the realization.

Fast forward, and with help from both Coldwarrior and Ron Robinson, who knew the California ropes, I am serving on this Central Committee, roughly the equivalent of the “Precinct Committeeman” for my state, and will be on the ballot in June for a new term.

Now what?  Now I have the pleasure to serve with a group of about 30 others who have given of their time and talents to serve our community and our country.  It has been quite an experience to learn the rules of order and to see the functioning of this political body.  I have learned enough about many of my peers to respect many of them for various strengths, and also enough to be clear that we have different opinions on various issues.  And in many cases, there is plenty of room for differing opinions.  No problem – we can take votes and move on. 

But I have also seen that we have issues that go beyond differing opinions: interpersonal conflicts, baggage from past wrongs, suspicions, cliques, etc.  I see people take bizarre positions, apparently solely focused on hobbling a person or persons that they dislike.  Cutting off their nose to spite their face.  And it is hurting us.  Is this your committee?  Is this you?

From my Central Committee bylaws:

The objectives of the County Party shall be:

  1. To campaign for the election of Republican candidates for public offices, and to work for the appointment of Republicans to appointive positions;
  2. To maintain an effective, intelligent, aggressive, and permanent Republican campaign organization in [our] County;
  3. To register Republican voters;
  4. To participate in the development of the principles and platforms of the Republican Party, and to support and promulgate them;
  5. To serve as a liaison between Republicans in [our] County and the California Republican Party;
  6. To recognize and assist Republican organizations in [our] County, and to coordinate their activities with those of the County Party;
  7. To bring new volunteers into Republican Party politics;
  8. To recruit competent Republican candidates to run for office, to endorse qualified Republican candidates, and to train leaders for service in government;
  9. To promote loyalty and patriotism among the citizens of [our] County, the State of California, and the United States of America; and,
  10. To advance the cause of good government at all levels.

This is a good list, and it is important work.  It is the work that must be duplicated all over the country if we wish to “conserve” the United States that we knew or at least read about.  We as PCs can do whatever we want in our meeting rooms and achieve zero of our objectives.  Achieving the objectives requires that we are as large a force for change as possible out in our community.  We will achieve so much more if we can unite behind our objectives, and focus on our work.  Do our positions matter?  Sure they do.  Sweat the details.  Do your homework.  Respectfully argue your positions.  Vote your conscience.  And then march into battle with your committee regardless of whether you got your way or not.