I Have a Heart

I have a “Big-H” Heart, having as its foundation passions.  I’m drawn to certain things, find my brain going to them unbidden and/or relentlessly.  I have an affinity that doesn’t exist for other things.  When the passage of time is considered, some of these passions wax, some wane.  But it’s definitely not a zero-sum game by any means: there have been times in my life I have had almost no passion, not for anything.  At others I am strong with passion in many areas simultaneously.  I am not talking about hot Latin love!   The definition I want you to have in mind is that passion is an ENERGY that is a balance of emotion and reason/intellect.  But it is an energy – when it builds with a strength that will rock the world it HAS to come out, to be expressed.  And if small enough to be contained, one can bottle it up or express it with no consequence to the world – the world will not notice in any case.

That’s the foundation of the “Big-H” Heart.  But it is not enough.  We must add the components that will DISTINGUISH the passion, that it not EXTINGUISH.  Discipline.  Will.  Courage.  Submission.  Sacrifice.  Without these, oxygen will be removed from the fires of passion, and the world dims and grows colder.

Why are these words posted here at RedState?  Because my Heart grows daily for public service.  Why are these words posted here at Redstate?  Because I’m awake at 2AM, 3AM, 4AM this morning consumed with this Heart.  Because I see more and more clearly with each passing day both the wrongs, and things that could be different.  Better.  Stronger.  Because I am so COMPELLED that fear, uncertainty, and doubt diminish as the flames rise.  Why is our system not rewarding effort, leadership, service, responsibility, and excellence?  Why is it rewarding sloth, corruption, fraud, and theft?  In fewer words, from a different era: rewarding virtue/punishing vice.

Why are my talented, hard-working, and committed neighbors punished and burdened more by government with each passing day without raising the fortunes of anyone, or the our nation?  Though you may not agree with my dichotomy, you must admit our system has added a huge burden versus the historical version, with debatable positive effects, if any.  Has the war on poverty left us richer?  Has the safety net really kept anyone from starving/freezing to death, or has it merely shifted responsibility from the individuals that would provide these services from their Hearts to a government with no Heart.  Yes, there are government employees with Heart.  But unlike in free enterprise and the free market, employees with NO Heart can thrive, leaving the whole, and us, poorer.

Progressives can lecture us all day about who has a heart.  Without reason/intellect to recognize our increasing, not decreasing poverty (of treasure, security, freedom, accomplishment), it is really they that have no Heart.