Off to War Update: The Sword of the Spirit

Third in a series of personal accounts by a new “Precinct Committeeman”.

The big day came.  On Wednesday February eighth I prepared for my day job as an electrical engineer with an added air of excitement – that night would bring my first meeting as a member of the Placer County Republican Central Committee (PCRCC).  I had some apprehension, as I had not been able to meet most of the other members, and I was aware from reputation that there could be some interesting dynamics within the group (probably true of any group!)  At this point though, I did finally have in my hands a roster of the committee, minutes of the last meeting, agenda of the one to come, and an address where we would meet.  It also helped that I had been able to meet my committee Chairman as discussed in the previous blog in this series.  A nice man, who together with his wife who also serves both locally and with the state, have years and years of service for the  Republican Party in various capacities.

Nonetheless, I was not so much relishing the thought of the meeting as I was responding to what I am sure is the Spirit leading me to this point.  I’m not a politician – I’m husband and dad first, and have a day job that I have been very committed to for many years.  I have no personal agenda to drive at this time, other than to respond to this call to serve.

I caught my ten-year-old son in the hall as I prepared to head out for the day.  Knowing I would not see him until after the PCRCC meeting that evening, I had a special request.  “Son, I have my first meeting tonight, and I would like you to pray for me.  Pray that God would make clear the agenda(s), and what he wants of me tonight, and that I would respond.  Can you do this for me?”  To which I got a “Yes, Dad” and off he went.  He returned less than a minute later, asked me to lean down, and reached inside my sport coat to stuff something into my left breast pocket.  I was blown away as I reached in next to my heart and pulled out a very compact version of the New Testament.  I paused, then asked, “Do you know what you just did?

My son responded clearly, confidently, and with a fire in his eyes, “I gave you the ‘Sword of the Spirit'”  (ref. Eph6:10-20, esp. v17)

That day I went to work, I served at a meeting of the PCRCC, and I thanked God in Heaven for the opportunity to serve Him and to be surrounded by brothers and sisters in Christ and in a parallel context of the fight for freedom in this God-given country we call America.  I had seen firsthand that the PCRCC has some real commitment and patriots, and got to serve alongside.  Finally, I got to tuck my son in after a long day, and yes, he checked, then fell back into bed satisfied.  I was still armed.  With God’s grace, I will ALWAYS be armed.