Off to War Update: Reporting for Duty

It’s been a week and a half since CA State Senator Ted Gaines extended to me an opportunity for appointment to the Placer County Republican Central Committee (PCRCC).  That day I published my diary “Off to War?*” to share my “Precinct Project” experience with my extended conservative family, and here is an update…

After prayer and discussion with my wife, I accepted Senator Gaines’ offer a week ago, and have now been appointed to the PCRCC.  This is the culmination of a process that started a year ago, when I was inspired by ColdWarrior to become involved in the party to enact change.  ColdWarrior’s reference material points out that the specifics vary by state/county, and provided contact information for Ron Robinson of the Los Angeles County RCC who took the baton to coach me through the California version of party politics.  My seat on the PCRCC is my local version of being a Precinct Committeeman.  While I am now on the committee via this appointment, I still expect to run for an elected seat in June, and begin serving in that seat in Jan 2013.

God has lined up many people and opportunities on this journey – and today was one of them.  When I told Ron the great news a week ago, he told me that there was a Republican Conference (California Northern Region, one of eight state regions) today (Saturday) in Yuba City, an hour’s drive from my home.  Got to love God’s timing.  I registered and looked forward to a great day, which is what I got!

There was so much great material today I will not be able to cover it all, and will try to summarize:

  • This is the first such Northern Region Conference in memory for those I talked to in attendance, and excitement was very high.  Something about being together with fellow soldiers, with a common vision, energy and aspirations that is very, very motivating.  I want to serve my peers and countrymen well!
  • We were hosted by Dr. Arnie Ziederman, the Vice Chairman of this region and Chair of the Amador County RCC.  We opened with an invocation by David Kugelman, who shared several great Bible verses that have application for us: Prov15:9, Prov28:12, Prov28:2, Prov29:16, Matt5:10.  The Pledge of Allegience was led by Clay Maynard, Chair of Sutter County RCC.
  • We followed with a quick summary from all the Chairmen present from the 19 counties in this region.  Where they are, neighboring counties, area covered, population, registration breakdown, events, fundraising techniques, particular challenges, etc.  Very interesting for this newcomer, as I got a feel for local issues, alliances between neighboring counties, etc.
  • Dr. Joel Strom spoke in a “leadership training” section of the event.  I didn’t get a chance to meet him personally, though I wish I had.  I am very impressed with what he is doing!  He has been focused on the policy issues of healthcare for some number of years, (30?)  When we had Obamacare rammed down our throats, he put together a plan to build an army of doctors “Doc Squads” to fight it.  He said he got no help from state or local GOP, and was basically shut down.  Except that he didn’t take no for an answer, and has pursued this vision without them.  He confidently stated that when he builds and trains an army of 10,000 doctors to fight Obamacare, it WILL get used.  It made me think of the scene in the movie “Facing the Giants” where the coach is exhorted to “prepare his fields for rain” in a farming metaphor.  Dr. Strom is preparing his fields!
  • We got to hear from all Northern Region Candidates for State Assy, State Senate, and US Congress; and then from all our incumbents who were present.  Another great experience, getting to know each to some degree.  I was especially grateful to hear very impassioned and expanded presentations from both Doug LaMalfa (CA Assy, running for US Rep) and Dan Logue (CA Assy).  These guys gave great examples of the fights they are taking on to protect citizens from the state.
  • We had four workshop sessions, one of which included our own Ron Robinson, who already seems a great and long-time friend.  I was introduced to Don Schweitzer, Chair of the Siskiyou RCC, and his wife, Vice Chair, by Ron.  They are both involved for the same reason as me – ColdWarrior and Ron Robinson leadership and inspiration!  These guys are making a tremendous difference – 3% of the room were people Ron had helped to get on their own RCCs.
  • Great, dedicated people all around – from those that put the event together, to the delegations from the RCC’s, to our speakers and workshop leaders.  Is it just me, or is it great to be surrounded by like-minded people who are so committed to having our country be the shining city on a hill?
  • My RCC was full, as many seemed to be; but there were multiple counties that are NOT full.  Let’s go RedStaters – are we going to jeopardize the mission by leaving holes in our front lines?!?!?
  • Guest Speaker Shawn Steel, CRP National Committeeman gave a great talk,
  • Dennis Revell introduced a movie to close the day, “In the Face of Evil” Reagan’s War in Word and Deed, winner 2004 Best Documentary.  I had to leave before that one ended, but learned much about my favorite modern president.  I had no idea how much earlier he had started his war against communism and for freedom.  I thought this was something that only been characteristic of his presidency, but he was fighting this fight prior to becoming state Governor, while President of the Screen Actors’ Guild.

Next Steps:

  • My first PCRCC meeting as member of the Committee is Wed, 2/8, 7PM.  Let’s get to work.
  • The CA GOP has a convention 2/24-26.  I plan to attend, and am seeking a delegate spot so that I will be able to vote on an agenda that includes an update of the state GOP platform.
  • I am looking for twitter followers to expand my reach within my conservative family (and further): @MikeFrey95746  (no askie, no gettie!!)
  • If someone can tell me how to insert pictures into these WordPress posts, I’ll be able to add a picture of Ron Robinson, the Schweitzers, and myself – a portion of our CA Precinct Project club!

Well, it’s been a long day (it’s now Sunday morning!), but I am still full of energy and optimism fueled by new friendships and opportunities to make a difference.  Let’s all work together to put this country back in the hands of conservatives who want to serve and defend this country!  More later!  😉