I'd Rather Have a Bowling Ball Dropped on My Tongue

Than be embarrassed.  I’m guessing it’s a pride issue.  I really would rather not have people tell me the politicians I support look like they could audition for the next “Dumb and Dumber”; with the obvious extension that I must be dumber than dirt as well.  I assert from various diaries I’ve read, and positions I’ve seen taken that I’m not alone on Pride Island.  I think it’s a thriving resort!

But hey, here’s the deal: if I have to live with wounded pride, or chalking up the Great American Political Experiment as a loss, I’ll take the wounded pride.

So why do I go here?  It appears to me that a big part of our candidate selection process has been driven by this dynamic.  A candidate starts to lead, something embarassing happens, we move to another.  I’m not going to play this game.  There is not a walking, breathing human that cannot be presented in a bad light by a hostile media (I use pravda as my term of derision), and even our own team in the guise of the “establishment”.  So avoidance of embarassment is not a technique that will leave a candidate, not until the hostile parties decide that our spin-the-bottle game is pointed at someone who cannot threaten their choice(s).  You are going to have to take a principled stand, and not only hold it, but get out of your comfort zone and promote it.  Tell people why it is better for us to deal with [insert wart here] than {choose as many as you like: Obamacare, nanny state, open borders, financial ruin, …}.

Consider this: avoidance of embarrassment would have knocked out the following heroes, and more:

  • David, who slew Goliath.  “Really? YOU? You’re puny, we’ll lose!”  King Saul tried to go here, but David would have none of it.  Result: Goliath slain.
  • Paul of the New Testament: “Put you in a leadership position in our Christian movement?  You’re the ultimate flip-flopper!  You are on record that we are Blasphemers and Heretics!”
  • Jesus: Fear of embarassment (among other issues) led me to deny him for 20 years.

So the first candidate I chose was Rick Perry.  AFTER he had embarrassing moments that would be (and later were) thown in my face for daring to support him.  I was with him til the end, and I’d do it again.  I’m not sure which candidate is my next choice (I still haven’t met my usual rule of leaning in the same direction for more than 24 hours!), but when I choose, I will do so free of fear of embarrassment.  I will guarantee you that my choice will have said or done things that can be used to embarrass me.  But I will look to a candidate and a future that is bigger than this.

(Title from some TV commercial I saw a million years ago, that always stuck with me.  I didn’t make it up.)