Thank God, Trust God

The roller coaster continues.  I was disappointed yesterday to see Governor Rick Perry leave the 2012 presidential race.  In my mind, he was the best candidate we had running, and the only one that gave me any hope of a smaller, more constitutional, less-intrusive  federal government.  Alas, my vision was not to be.  My choices narrow.  I’m not decided on where to go from here in terms of the candidates – but no matter what, my choice will still be from my (limited) perspective, and is not (necessarily) the will of God.  Thank God that he hears our prayers (I have plenty of evidence), and thank God that he does not always do what we ask of him.  He is the only one that sees the big picture.

This reminds me of a day one of my employees asked me a question about why a decision had been made by higher-level management, a decision that made no sense to him.  I explained the whole thing from my (still limited, but bigger than his) viewpoint.  He listened quietly and intently, then concluded something to the effect of, “I am SO grateful that I don’t have to look at things from all of those perspectives!!!”

In any case, we know for sure that God moves the pieces to make the most glorious outcome possible, that he loves us, and that we can choose to trust Him and share eternal life with Him.

The rest we don’t know.  Does he have a solution that will be better at getting us less intrusive government sooner?  Maybe.  Does he need to humble us some more?  Send us all the way into slavery so that we will return to Him?   Ick, I personally don’t want doors two or three.

Thank God that he sees and knows all, and is loving, faithful, and just.  The same God who can raise the dead and defeat Satan is totally capable of defeating the mainstream media and the Republican Establishment.  There was never a RINO that God couldn’t outwit or outrun.

I don’t know the outcome, but I will let God be God, and I will trust Him.