Off to War?*

Is it really time to ship out?  Did I even get to go to basic training?

This is my chance to go fight for what I believe, for the America that seems to have been misplaced gradually over my lifetime, and even before.  2007 and 2008 were the years that I started to really pay attention and do more than vote.  My votes were clearly not enough to make a difference – my ballot was useful in predicting the outcome of our California elections, but only in the sense that a photographic negative is useful to predict the final printed photo.  I’m a fish out of water here. 

So I wrote hundreds of letters, emails, faxes.  No amnesties.  No bailouts.  Secure the borders.  Encouraging the brave and righteous politicians.  Admonishing the squishes / socialists.   And still felt like I was screaming in a hurricane, the ultimate in wasted energy.

Then found RedState and Coldwarrior, and intuitively got it.  The only way to get better candidates and better results was to get into the game.  By the time I was offered candidates on a ballot, the game was already over.  The solution was to be a precinct committeeman, and get the right and a vote to help choose those candidates from the get-go!

Turns out the California Party system is different than the generic, and there is no such thing as a precinct committeeman where I live.  Coldwarrior and Watchcenter / Ron Richardson were both helpful and supportive as I navigated the political maze.  I found that where I live we have a Republican Central Committee, and I would have to get on that committee.   I spent time with anybody I knew with actual political experience, and my local representatives.  I interviewed, in the sense that I shared my interest, philosophies, and experience with anyone who would listen.  I prayed that God would make it clear whether he would be well served by my getting involved.  I thought I would have until March to pull paperwork, and then would get elected in June.  Still lots of time to figure this out – I’m just doing the advance work!

Today I was told that my offer and interest are an answer to prayer, and that if I will accept the position, I would be offered an appointment that would start now!  I was not expecting this, and I indicated that I would prayerfully consider this.

So, the dread of politics that I have felt for a year while I pursued this has come to a head.  Can I really make a difference?  Is this how God wants me to use my time?  I have a wife, kids, church, career, a family business, etc.  Would the additional time away from them be the right choice?  Or would I be a modern Don Quixote, tilting at windmills?

I believe that God has put me here, at this time, with this passion, for a reason.  He has surrounded me with people of integrity as advisors.  He has opened doors in all these ways, and today opened a door that I didn’t even know existed.  I don’t know why or how this plays out, but know that I will step forward in faith, not fear.

* with apologies to our men and women in uniform who serve in actual combat and support operations, rather than the metaphorical war I speak of here.  I am eternally grateful for your service.