Eyewitness Report: Life Begins Before 8 Weeks of Pregnancy

A few weeks ago I finished reading an astonishing book, Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo.  I’m now enjoying the experience of reading it to my children, and in the process, get to spend more time enjoying and absorbing the material.

It occurred to me lately that this book contains an eyewitness report that life begins in pregnancy before the 8 week mark.  I guess that people could still argue about the window from conception to 8 weeks, but anyone choosing something other than conception is clearly at terrible risk of having miscalculated on that one….

Without giving away the book, which is well worth a read, I will reveal that Colton Todd Burpo met his second sister in heaven.  The one that he had never known he had.  The one that had been miscarried, at 8 weeks, before anyone even knew that she was a she.

Todd lays out the facts that show that Colton had enjoyed a brief visit to heaven, and returned to tell the tale.  How wide and deep is the love of God that he loves us unconditionally, way beyond our capacity to absorb it here.  And gives us a way to join Him in heaven someday ourselves.  And shows us the way.  Grace upon grace.