Alexander Hamilton as Precinct Committeeman?

Not. His. Gift.  According to the introduction in a compilation of the Federalist Papers by a Clinton Rossiter, referring to Hamilton’s performance at the Constitutional Convention, “he was irregular in attendance and unpersuasive in argument.”  But the United States of America may well have already failed were it not for his glorious contribution.

Likely best known for his status generally as a “Founding Father” or specifically as the first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton’s greatest achievement was his role as catalyst for the adoption of the newborn Constitution of the United States of America.  Though the wind was at the back of the Federalists after the Revolutionary War, by the time the Constitution had been fearfully and wonderfully made in the womb of the Constitutional Convention the forces and voices of disunity had grown into a potent force that threatened to split the nation asunder, leaving it as three or more separate confederacies.  The fate of the nation hung in the balance.

I give you — “Publius”

Alexander Hamilton conceived and led the most important educational and marketing campaign in the history of our nation – the campaign to have New York ratify the controversial creation that was our new Constitution.  His success was a key component in the overall war to forge our greatest of nations.  His weapon of choice?  The pen.  (It’s mightier than the sword).  With this weapon and two allied warriors (Madison and Jay), writing as Hamilton’s Army under the name “Publius”, Hamilton slew the mighty forces that would defeat the United States of America at its very birth.

Now, in a time where the forces of destruction conspire most artfully against God’s providence of freedom in America, Publius will be reborn.  A leader, armed only with a pen, a few allied warriors, and an unwavering vision of America as a strong, disciplined, shining city on a hill.  A mission, to educate his country on the principles that brought America to greatness.  A call to action, to lead their countrymen to restore America to her rightful place as righteous and invincible land of the free, and home of the brave.

If within you beats the heart of a warrior, a love of our free America, and a way with the written word; or you know someone who fits this description, please email me with your contact information so that I can connect you with Publius’ progeny for evaluation of  a possible alliance.  God speed and God Bless.

Oh, and by the way, for God’s sake – become a Precinct Committeeman.  Become part of Coldwarrior’s Army, they are on the same side!  If unsure what I am talking about, search for ColdWarrior or Precinct Committeeman on this site.  Just because it was not Hamilton’s gift doesn’t excuse you from taking America back from the lawless and Godless.