Reclaim America’s Greatness – VOTE AMERICAN!

There is a war going on, and it’s not Democrats vs. Republicans.  It’s not rich vs. poor.  It’s not black vs. white.  It is between those who think the people can make decisions for themselves, and those who think a ruling class should make these decisions.  All else is deception.  


The bottom line is Americans have been lulled to sleep and have failed to vigorously defend America’s principles, most visibly in our abdication of our constitution.  America is not failing because our founding principles were wrong, we are failing because we have abandoned those principles.  People are rightly skeptical of both parties when they claim they have the answers or solutions, when neither one has cared a whit for America.  They only have loyalty to themselves and their power.  Politicians and Parties cannot restore this.  Only “We the People” can.


But this does not mean the Parties are equal.  They are not.  First of all, only two will be put in positions of power, Republicans or Democrats.  Third parties can help shape the debate, but the truth is that votes for them are wasted and only reinforce the power of the leading Party.  This is why people and political organizations actually fund third parties on the other side of the political divide – this will weaken their real opponents.  And within the two major Parties, there is one difference that trumps all others – the philosophy about the size and scope of government:

  Republican: decentralized, smaller government in hands of local people.

  Democratic: centralized, bigger government is better.    


The Republican Party advocates reduction in the scope and power of government.  As such, it becomes an umbrella for “Conservatives”, “Constitutionalists”, “Libertarians”, and “Tea Partiers” who don’t wish to discard the value of their votes.  All of these movements are united in their position on the scope and power of Federal Government.  Look at the Tea Party: this real grass-roots uprising against the tyranny of government works within the Republican Party, not by running third-party candidates.   But since they deplore many of those wearing the Republican badge, they field their own Republican candidates in the primaries to push the Republican Party back to alignment with freedom, and in doing so, the Tea Party has been holding the Republican Party accountable!  By successfully replacing powerful or establishment Republicans (ala Charlie Crist, Mike Castle, etc) with truer conservatives, Tea Partiers show that they are far more interested in a successful America than in the power of the Republican Party.


The Democrat Party advocates government solutions, and increase in the scope, size, funding, and power of government.  This is a basic fact.  This is why this party is an umbrella for “Liberals”, “Progressives”, “Socialists”, and “Statists” – all of these movements are aligned in their support for increase in the scope, size, funding, and power of government.  They are aligned against the very foundational principles of America. They survive by painting two false pictures: (1) that Democrats are the champions of the down-trodden, minorities, and the working man; and (2) that Republicans are evil racists.  They offer false choices between big-government solutions and no solutions.  There is plenty of counter evidence and argument to both of these tenets, but you won’t find it in your mainstream or liberal media outlets.


If “We the People” will not help return America to its principles, we are THE problem.  We can only believe that we govern ourselves and do what it takes to do it successfully, or believe that we should be governed.  And once you believe the latter, you have in fact ceded control to those who HAVE NO INTEREST in your well being – you have already accepted your slavery.  If we will not “be the bosses of them” (our government), no one will.  If we will not blow away the smoke screen that the corrupt and power-hungry use to hide the theft of both our freedoms and our opportunities, we are done.


If you want to buy into the story you are being fed by your government and mainstream media, you have already left America, you just forgot to change your address.


These ideas are not, and never have been, American, but they are at play in the US:

  1. that the Federal Government should do what can be done at state or lower level.
  2. that an elite class can govern the country better than “We the People”.
  3. that equality of outcome should be pursued versus equality of opportunity.
  4. that politicians can be trusted to act in America’s best interests.
  5. the courts and the judicial branch should make law.
  6. that America should cede sovereignty to international bodies.


Here is the battle plan:

I)      The General Election, November 2, 2010 – “This far and no farther!”

1.  I will be voting blanket “Republican”.  More so than ever before, this is not a partisan thing.  Those in control of the White House and Congress (Democrats) stand against America, and are destroying everything America stands for on a scale I have never before seen attempted.  It is NOT ENOUGH that they lose seats.  They must lose them on such a grand scale that it will be generations before they can contemplate such flagrant disregard for the will of the people and the good of the country.  Anything less admits defeat, and accepts bondage.

2.  I will vote “Republican” down to the local school board members.  The future Senators and Representatives might be today’s school board members.  I am finding out the partisan alignment of candidates for even “non-partisan” office.

3.  I will swing behind the Republican candidates, whether I voted for or against them in the primary.  For example, I voted for Chuck DeVore in the US Senator from California primary, but will now be voting for Carly in the General.  Carly will be much more in alignment with the constitution than Boxer.

4.   I will vote for California Measure20 and against California Measure27, to take and keep redistricting out of the hands of the politicians.  If this is not clear to you, go to gerrymanderingmovie.com.  This is very important.

II)      From November 3, 2010 to the primary election in June 2012:

 1.  Within your chosen party: find and promote good worthy candidates into the system.  Encourage them to become involved and prepare and take the necessary steps to be on the ballot in June 2012.

2.  Write your representatives and give them feedback.  Let them know you’re watching.

3.  Work to turn your government back to the constitution.  Demand that they stick to their roles, and free the other branches to do theirs, and the people to do ours.  Ours is to get off of our butts, shake off our apathy, and get to work in some way or another.  Use the old ethic of taking the job you can get and preparing for the job you want.

4.   Help your neighbors.  When we do what God has asked us to do, there is less pressure to violate the constitution to come up with an inferior solution.

III)      Primary, June 2012

1.  Now is the time to screen replacements for any incumbent who has proven to be disrespectful to our constitution, tone-deaf to his or her constituents, beholden to interests contrary to that of their constituents and/or nation.  Republican or Democrat.  If not great, they’re gone.  If in doubt, vote them out!  We have to make room for ones who will do this right.

2.  It is the time to find the candidates that you want, or possibly even become the candidates that you want.

a. These are candidates that will make the country stronger.

b.  They will be constitutionally constrained.

c. They will be public servants, not a political elite.

d.  I will be voting in the Republican primary for candidates who will:

i. Abide by the constitution

ii. Push power down to lowest level

iii. Cut spending

iv.  Reform entitlements

e. I will be looking to get rid of incumbent Republicans who will not vote American!

IV) General, November 2012

1.  Now we are looking to elect the best candidates from the primary, and since we made sure that we had great choices there, this should be easy!

2.   In the General Election we are looking to get rid of both members of both parties who do not vote “American”. 

V)      Lather, rinse, repeat:

1.  Primaries for parties to select their candidates, where you personally have been involved enough to make sure that you believe there is a good candidate positioned in the running.  You should not have to feel like you are voting for the lesser of evils in a primary.  If you do, you have not done your part.

2.  General Elections are a time to (ideally) vote for someone you are excited about, but (if need be) to hold your nose and vote for the candidate from the major party that is the better of the two choices.  There are only 2.  See the general rules below.  This is a reason the Tea party was a force this year – they worked within the system and were relevant, not outside and irrelevant.


VI) General Rules:

1.  “We the People” must be responsible.  We can’t blame government – WE are the bosses of government.  In this way, the “buck stops here.”

a. We are responsible sometimes by our actions, and sometimes by our INactions.

b. Every vote we make contributes either to the mess or to the cleanup.  We cannot expect government to police itself.

c. When individual politicians are bad, we must be willing and able to replace them.

2.  To the degree we let government grow “over” us, we must relinquish our own power.

a. To the degree that we let this power centralize, we increase the odds that it will spin out of our control.

3.  We are all human.  In addition to messing things up with well-meaning errors, we humans can find many other tools to do so: selfishness, neglect, apathy, greed, malice, etc.

a. The less power is centralized, the less one or a few humans can mess things up.  To the degree that power is decentralized, we diversify away from single-points-of-failure.

b. Power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

c. The simpler the rules, the easier both to live by, and to enforce.

4.  Political parties:

a. There are bad apples in all parties.  Human nature is what it is.  See (3) above.

b. Because there are bad apples in all parties doesn’t mean all parties are the same:

i. A party which seeks to grow or expand the role of the federal government is inherently more dangerous because it takes power from the people.

ii. A party which seeks to limit government is inherently safer, because it leaves government with fewer resources with which to go wrong and tyrannize the people.

c. The Republicans are the more conservative major party, but this does not mean they are all conservative.

d. A third party will never produce our president or a relevant factor in our congress.

e. Third parties can expose or promote issues and solutions, but this does not matter until the issues are co-opted into one of the two major parties. 

f. A vote for a third party either as a sincere choice or a protest vote is a vote for the most overall-favored party.