Where is the leadership on energy?

We appreciate the RNC Chairman stopping by the front page. — Erick

In recent days, there has been much talk (and justifiably so) of Barack Obama touting tire inflation as the solution to America’s energy woes.  Republicans, together with John McCain, have been arguing for some time that a truly comprehensive approach, including more off-shore exploration, more nuclear power, and enhanced reliance on alternative energies and green technology must be pursued in order to address our energy crisis.  Yet all the evidence is that Democrat leaders refuse to play ball, with the latest proof coming in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision last week to adjourn the House before a vote could be taken on “all of the above” energy legislation. Despite this Democrat inaction, House Republicans refused to adjourn last Friday for the August recess without a vote on a comprehensive bill.  Speaker Pelosi shut off the cameras and turned off the lights in the House chamber in an effort to end discussion of this critical issue – but House Republicans continued to discuss the need for comprehensive energy legislation. Republican Members of Congress are staying in the House all week to urge Speaker Pelosi to hold a vote on comprehensive energy legislation.  And while the cameras are still off, visitors to the U.S. Capitol are witnesses to the unprecedented effort by House Republicans. For that, I would like to offer them my thanks, and I hope you’ll offer them yours.  Millions of Americans are struggling to cope with skyrocketing energy prices, and the Democrats’ refusal to address this issue, to be frank, is unconscionable.  Americans deserve a comprehensive solution aimed at bringing gas prices down and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.  Fortunately, while Speaker Pelosi is unwilling to give act (or even allow a vote on energy legislation), House Republicans and John McCain remain committed to addressing this critical issue in a timely manner.  I hope you will join me in commending their efforts — and calling on Speaker Pelosi to stop the obstructionism.