The Susan B. Anthony List and Mitt Romney....Well is He or Isn't He

Our forums here at Redstate are full of conversations of Romney’s fluctuating and inconsistent stances on a wide ranging variety of topics. None of them is more visceral, more emotionally captivating than abortion. Given Romney’s near stagnation in the polls you would think, being a Republican Candidate with a history of waffling on the issue of abortion, he would move to quiet his detractors and solidify his position on the murder of the unborn…..wouldn’t you?
Well break out the griddle and the batter folks cuz it’s time for some waffles and flap jacks. Mitt Romney refuses to sign the Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Pledge also known as the Susan B. Anthony’s List Pro-Life Presidential Pledge.
Mitt decided to fall back on that old stand-by so favored by politicos afraid of their own shadows. I can’t because, well , their might be “unintended consequences.”…..Yeah like fewer dead babies. But hey Mittens lets not let that get in the way.
How will this effect Romney’s chances? I know it will be a huge additional straw on that sway-back camels spine for some of us. And if he is thinking this might help him with Independents some how…..well Mitt I think it’s pretty obvious that those folks have no time for social issues at this time. For them It’s The Economy….Stupid!

In all fairness I need to point out that Cain also didn’t sign the pledge either. I ignored him entirely because, well he isn’t going to be the nominee and he doesn’t carry that same decades old Waffle House Brand that Mittens does.

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