Republicans Fixing to Cave on Debt Ceiling Debate!

Today, on Independence Day of all days, we find this little gem of a story in Bloomberg Online, Republicans May Take ‘Mini’ Debt-Ceiling Deal.
This is nothing but a “Mini” cave in, capitulation…….hell a surrender on a hugely important issue with the economy of this country. There is NO TIME for a mini deal Senator Cornyn. Every day that ends with no deal, no significant cuts across the board to spending, no end to the fear instilled in business people by this administration, is one day closer to the edge of an economic cliff we may not be able to climb back from if we go over. And we don’t NEED to go over it.
Read the following and tell me if you don’t get the same message I do.

Republicans might accept a “mini” deal with the Obama administration on raising the debt limit, Senator John Cornyn of Texas, a Republican leader, said yesterday on “Fox News Sunday.”
The idea may delay politically difficult decisions if it’s structured to postpone action on a larger package of spending cuts or revenue increases until after the 2012 election cycle, an analyst said.

Translation: We’re so scared of making the wrong decision and hurting our chances of getting back to the front of the line come 2012 that we’ll just let the nation waddle in fear and uncertainty and not make any tough decisions until after the election! This is a decision based in fear for their own selves and not the citizens they allegedly work for!

Cornyn said that while Republicans would prefer a long-term settlement, they would accept a shorter-term agreement if that’s all they could get done. The Treasury Department has projected that on Aug. 2 the U.S. will no longer be able to meet obligations if the legal debt ceiling isn’t raised.

Translation: We Republicans are going to cave to the fear mongering story put out there by this administration that if we don’t raise the debt ceiling RIGHT NOW we will begin defaulting on our federal debt and the country will collapse around our very knees! American Citizens are too stupid to understand that we have more than enough income coming in to pay the interest on our debts and we will only default if the administration CHOOSES to default! If only Cornyn could get us stooopid Americans too understand how tough he has it and how hard his job is.

Here’s what I call a classic political ploy, something we normally see and call the Democrats on!

“The problem with a mini-deal is we have a maxi problem,” said Cornyn, who is in charge of the 2012 Republican Senate campaign strategy. “We’ll take the savings we can get now, and we will re-litigate this as we get closer to the election.”

Translation: Let’s not deal with this tough issue now and begin the task of easing the suffering of the American Tax Payer! No let’s drag it out till 2012 and politicize the economic suffering of our fellow citizens for our own benefit…..right?

You all can read the rest of the article if you want. If this is Cornyn’s plan, to pass the buck down the road and hope we don’t notice or that releasing this on Independence Day might some how ease the fallout over lackluster leadership I believe he’s sorely mistaken. It’s time to stand firm, forget about self interests and do what’s right for the country. It is time to take the soap box back from Obama and let the people know who is standing in the way of fixing this floundering economic ship. Please Senator Cornyn, listen to US and NOT the DC pundits who are as out of touch with Main St. USA as anyone could possibly be.
Force the Legislative and Executive Branches to do their jobs and if they don’t scream it to the world while whe’re still able to listen!