Democrat Representative from Massachusetts calls for Union Violence and the spilling of Blood

Rhetoric…..Angry Rhetoric, it’s been a popular topic these last few months. The Left and the Propaganda Wing of their movement, the MSM, keep speak of the angry rhetoric of the Right.
Problem they have is every claim they make seems to…., well for a lack of a better phrase, shoot them in their own foot. There is never any actual proof of these claims of calls for violence from the right. I’ve been to several Tea Party Rally’s & 9/12 functions and I have yet to see one sign or voice
calling out for anything but responsible government.
Now cut to the Left and Wisconsin. We’ve all heard and seen pictures of the Walker = Hitler signs and cross-hairs over top of a picture of Walker’s face. And who can forget that wonderful example of political activism that was the hate-fest called The One Nation Rally. The over the top hate filled rhetoric going on in Wisconsin was so bad even Chris Matthews had to denounce it.
But you know, not even close to the same amount of coverage given to these ACTUAL accounts of violent hate filled rhetoric as to when there is even a chance it could be blamed on the Right. Even before the whole story is in, if there’s the slightest chance it can get blamed on us they’ll happily go with it and then print a retraction a couple of days later……on page 7……….of the coupon section…..if even that.
Now lets cut to Massachusetts. This is the home state of one Michael E. Capuano, Representative of the 8th Congressional District, his 7th term I believe….no accounting for taste I suppose. Anyway, it seems that he never got the memo from Democrat Leadership about the new tone. Seems too that Union leaders and members mean more to Mr. Capuano….so much more in fact that he actually told them it was necessary at times, while they were out in the streets, to get a little bloody once in awhile.
Now I want you to stop for a minute and think what you would be witnessing in the press right now if say,…Jim DeMint had told Tea Party Members that while they were protesting for fiscal sanity it was OK get a little bloody, knock a few heads or bloody a few noses. It would get 24/7 coverage, he would be burned in effigy if not actually.
We need to start making this a constant issue. Let Capuano know how you feel about his angry rhetoric.
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