I no longer believe the Obama Administration is just plain stupid

I’ve come to understand and believe that this administration is just plain dangerous and has nothing but bad intentions for our Republic.
There is no way in hell that ANYONE can claim this is a good idea! My G-d it couldn’t be more ridiculous, it makes no logical sense and it actually increases the danger of atomic terrorism in the near future!
What possible reason could the Obama Administration have for considering the “…sale of a Powder River Basin, Wyoming-based uranium processing facility operated by Uranium One USA, a Canadian-based company, to Atomredmetzoloto, a subsidiary of the Russian government agency Rosatom? There is none! The Russians have over and over again ignored our concerns over their nuclear associations and the assistance they provide to country’s who support terrorism and hate western society. Their deals with Iran alone should have been all that was needed to bring and end
to such a bad idea for a business deal.

The sale was first announced on Aug. 31, and the lawmakers claim that it could give Moscow control of up to 20 percent of the U.S. national uranium extraction capability and a controlling interest in one of the country’s largest uranium mining sites.

So this administration is willing to give Russia a controlling interest in one of our country’s largest uranium mining operations, at a time when we are supposedly trying to prevent nuclear proliferation,
by giving control of that operation to one of the largest proliferaters of nuclear technologies to America hating, terrorist supporting countries. Is it even possible to fabricate some justification for this or the damage to national security that it brings? I don’t think so and neither would any logical person with even the slightest care about the security of their country.

Uranium One,USA has put out a fact sheet that shows full well Russia’s intentions to gain majority control of this facility.

A fact sheet on the website of Uranium One says the company intends to complete the transaction by the end of the year. The Russian concern already owns a 23.1 percent share of Uranium One’s common stock and is seeking a controlling 51 percent share in the subsidiary.

Obama is allowing a foreign country that is no friend to us to gain control of a company that deals in a commodity that can be used to make weapons that can destroy our country and kill untold millions around the globe. And this country, Russia, has shown over and over again that they are not our friends and do NOT have our best interests at heart.
If this goes through, and they are trying to ram it through quickly, it will be a crime against the national security of our country.
Remember all the hoopla over the management contracts for the operation of some US Seaports by the United Arab Emirates? This makes that look like a Klondike Cop Comedy. I pray that our overwhelming victory come Nov. 2nd will allow us to bring an end to this travesty right away.