Is there any penalty for Violating the Presidential Oath of Office?

This Oath is required by the constitution of the United States and the actual wording of the oath is laid out in Article 2, section 1, Clause 8.
“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
Pretty straight forward don’t you think? No real gray areas there unless the President wanted to hang it all on “…to the best of my ability,…”, that might actually carry some weight as we all find his ability to be lacking so to speak.
But we all know the real meat of that oath is to “… preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Preserve…Protect and Defend the Constitution. Does anyone here right now actually feel that our current POTUS is living up to that oath? Doesn’t every one of his actions and promoted pieces of legislation in some way do damage to and spit in the face of The Constitution of the United States.
This POTUS has shown a total disregard for both Houses of Congress and the will of the people he so self righteously claims to support and feels their pain. Knowing the the general public is overwhelmingly in support of “Comprehensive” (lol) border security to stop the flood of Illegal Aliens and THEN hammer out a plan to where those here illegally can begin a path to citizenship…at the back of the line and in some cases while waiting from their home countries. There is little doubt that The Constitution allows that immigration falls under the purview of the Federal Government but what is a state to do when the Feds have no desire to control illegal immigration nor alleviate the awesome financial burden that is placed on these border states? How is a state to react when it’s federal government tells it basically to go pound sand and do as I say not as I do? If they are smart they band together and fight the government that no longer is by the people and for the people and use the constitution and every other legal; tool they can muster to slow down the rate of destruction this administration is heaping upon its people.
Speaking of the Obama Administrations disdain for both Houses of Congress and for the will of the people I have for your perusal an article from the Washington Times that pretty much spells out Obama’s plan on an end run around the House, the Senate and the citizens of this country as he attempts a back door amnesty plan that won’t require a Congressional or Senatorial vote nor input from the people of this country.
The actions of this administration are those of a group of ideological activists who have not one iota of respect for protocol, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights nor the sanctity of the vote.
Believe me when I tell you, Amnesty, cap and trade etc are all still in play even if they have to break them up and pass them piece by piece hidden in amongst some other emergency legislation that has to be passed right now before the world ends and before anyone has a chance to actually read the legislation.
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