To My Family here at Redstate, I desperatly need Your Help!

I am in dire straights! Do any of you know how to cancel an EBay bid?
I put in a bid for a Mickey Mouse Outfit, for my nephew, and now I find I’m one hour away from owning the entire Obama Administration!
Now I know what your thinking. Yes the Obama Administration truly is a Mickey Mouse Outfit and the last year or so has proven to us that they are For Sale to the highest bidder. But if history is any guide
I know that in true Democrat form I will end up not getting what I paid for! There is also no way I will contribute to the delinquency of my nephew by giving him such a gift! My sister would have my head!

So please, if there is any one out there who can help me get out from under this bid so I don’t get stuck with this Mickey Mouse Outfit forever I’d greatly appreciate it.