Obama Care has been, without a doubt, Eye opening to say the least!

When I stop to think of the history and all the side stories that have resulted from this disastrous piece of legislation I have to shudder and wonder is this just a highly visible example of what is, or has become, business a usual in Washington D.C.? I mean think about it, the Representative for the Majority has basically stated that despite knowing that a majority of the citizens of this country are against this legislation they, the Democrat Majority, know better and are going to do what they want to do. That mindset represents a beliefs that are fundamentally “Un-American” and at odds with the spirit of our Republic.
Along with this Legislation without Representation we are discovering accounts of Bribery, Extortion and out right threats to everyone from their own Democrat members, to private business entities, to members of the media. To me everything is see related to this bill, on top of the fiscal disaster and power grab that it is, is somehow morally, ethically, and probably criminally questionable.
These things are way past the back room deals, you support my thing I’ll support yours. Is it me? I read these accounts and hear the stories and I wonder….is this really unusual? Or is this what has become of our two Houses? Our Representatives, if you can call them that anymore, seem to have no problem with twisting our system of government up into something unrecognizable while lying, cheating and stealing to appease their selfish desire for control. And OUR side, though they might yell about the apparent corruption seem to lack the guts to put up much of a fight or have come to accept such corruption as normal.
I know that the huge scope of this Health Care/Power Grab has caused a huge spot light to be shone on this particular situation but it sure seems to be coming easy to these politicians to ignore their constituents, openly take payoffs and sell out their country and constitution.