Obama Attacks Free Speech Again and Works to Weaken our Country and our Constitution

It should be Shocking.  It should be the proverbial straw that broke the Camels back.  But basically it’s just business as usual for Obama and his Freedom hating administration. What I want to know is who is going to police the world looking for hate speech? The U.N.? And does anyone think for a minute that Islamic Countries will stop with their never ending hate filled diatribes about the Jews and Christians and any other non-muslim? NOT! OUR FREEDOMS,OUR CONSTITUTION, OUR MILITARY, OUR ECONOMY AND OUR CITIZENS MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO BARAK OBAMA IF HE CAN’T TWIST, DEFAME AND TAINT IT FOR HIS OWN PERSONAL GAIN. I AM SICK TO MY STOMACH OVER WHAT THIS ADMINISTRATION IS TRYING TO DO TO MY COUNTRY.
John Kerry is telling us the recession and impending economic doom is a good thing, that means a lot coming from a multi-millionaire. And Obama is trying to cram through multiple pieces of legislation that will destroy our economy, our defense and our families futures. Does anyone reading this think for a minute they don’t know what they are doing? That they don’t realize the damage they are doing and trying to do? Or is this just part of the plan to make us all dependent on the government for our very survival while creating a monumental crisis, a constitutional crisis, so they can toss aside the rest of our freedoms and turn us into a United Nations fiefdom.