Fear, Cowardice and Ignorance..The reason behind the Political Inaction of the Right.

There was a time, in the distant past, when our Representatives were more Statesmen than Politicians. Many of them were landowners, businessmen, doctors etc who were looked up too as honest, wise and trusted by their fellow citizens to represent their interests. Many of these Statesmen did not even desire the job but were pressed into service by their neighbors and family and at the end of their terms they were more than happy to return to their farms, businesses and practices. These are the type of people who helped guide our government and allowed the citizens of this country make it into the great nation that it is. Where are these people now, now that that greatness and our freedom is at risk?
Since the days of our Civil War our nation has never been at such risk of becoming all that our Founding Fathers warned us of. Today our representatives, professional politicians, seem to spend their entire terms in office living in fear that they won’t get re-elected. They spend the majority of their terms hiding out of sight from those they represent, making shameful back room deals with the money men and special interest groups, lining their own pockets and the pockets of their associates
while their neighbors struggle to keep working and feed their families and wonder at the impending death of the American Dream. When the occasional honest politician or reporter or citizen dares to
shed some light on the corruption and decay infecting our government they find themselves the victims of a full on assault as the media, special interests and their own government tries to crush them under a jackboot purchased with their own tax dollars. Instead they would rather debate the infidelities of a state governor and deny any debate on legislation that will cost generations of our children trillions of dollars and destroy our economy and our families welfare. They’d rather speak out in support of freedom hating dictators then deal with the dozens of our own representatives who are fleecing their own citizens and robbing their own country. They’d rather tell you what to eat, what to drink and what to think than support your constitutional right to express what you believe and what you want. The fact that so many elected politicians come to their low paying government jobs as middle class citizens and leave as multimillionaires screams out to us all that something is so very wrong and in need of immediate repair.
We The People are at risk of losing our Constitution and our Freedom and it’s time NOW to do something about it. If we fail we will have let down our families, our country, our planet and our God.
Karl Denninger wrote a piece called A Real Gameplan for the GOP, if there are any Statesmen left out there with the guts for the tough fight, who love their country and want to save their Constitution
this plan is a good beginning. It will be hard, extremely hard, but it IS a winner and if our citizens see
the good fight being fought for them they will support it in droves. God Bless America.