Having an Open and Honest Administration must mean not trying to hide your crimes...right?

Judgment. Judgmental. Judging someone. Cold, hard words that, depending on their context, can instill a range of emotions including anger and fear. You’ll find many times that the response to an act of judgment will be that you will be judged yourself. Who are you to Judge? Who made you God? We’ve all heard that little ditty about casting stones right? So it seems that being judgmental or making judgments about someone is looked down on as being unfair or lacking compassion or couth … that is of course unless your for small government or pro life or pro tax cuts or a veteran even. Then it’s perfectly OK to judge that person because, as we have been told by our government, we are potential extremists, potential terrorists and that potentially makes it acceptable.
So I’ve come to the conclusion that as an extremist, as a potential terrorist, I am of such low moralcharacter that I cannot be expected to understand how wrong it is to be judgmental, to draw conclusions about someone based on such lowly evidence as their actions and words. I am just a Conservative Republican, a blue collar kinda guy clinging to his religion and guns. How is it possible for me to draw the conclusion that my country’s President and his administration are dictatorial, corrupt individuals without an iota of honesty nor a shred of human decency if I haven’t walked a mile in their
diamond soled shoes nor broke bread with them at their dinner table while discussing the intricacies of wealth re-distribution. Right?
If I took, without compensation, property belonging to my neighbors I’d be a thief right. I mean it goes without saying I’d probably end up in jail where I belong. But that’s me NOT the Obama Administration. I shouldn’t draw any conclusions to the fact, that even though private citizens have offered to donate free of charge five acres to the Flight 93 Memorial to 9-11, our government decides to use an underhanded trick to TAKE privately owned land. Without even a good faith attempt to negotiate a fair price for their land the government is going to condemn 2200 acres, twenty-two hundred acres, and “take” it from them for this memorial. I mean I am all for a memorial, they deserve at least that, but I must somehow be screwed up in the head to think it’s wrong to memorialize their sacrifice by stealing some one else’s land. And given the 48,000+ on the Vietnam Wall that memorial must have required 10,000 acres right?
These guys who contract to me to hang drywall decide to raise their prices by a dollar a board. I’m not happy about this so I call them up myself and have some of my employees call them and we threaten to ruin their name in the construction community and blackball them with every supply house in town. I’m going to make sure I do everything I can to leave them penny less and on the streets unless they do the work and take what I decide to give them. That’s a crime, extortion I believe, and again I’d probably end up in jail for such an act. I’d deserve it. But obviously I am not as learned as the government is about the law because it must not me illegal when the Obama Administration does it. I mean what could possibly be wrong with our government telling private
business interests, who are owed a debt by another business interest, that they’ll take what payback the government decides to give them and if they don’t like it their own government will financially hurt them. That must be standard operating procedure and some how I missed it.
As I go on with this I am finding it harder and harder to not be judgmental of this administration. I mean I know they want to be the most open an honest administration in US history so some how Iam missing some nuance here that lends legitimacy to all these potentially illegal actions and words.
I mean they must be doing alright if they are willing to threaten financial disaster to a state trying to do everything it can to live up to their socialist dreams! I mean come on people, California is a bastion of liberal ideology that, for some unknown reason, is on the very real brink of financial collapse. Yet Obama is threatening to withhold much needed stimulus money if they don’t dismiss a legally legislated pay freeze for unionized home health care workers. Obviously this is a sign of what will be Obama’s unbiased treatment of everyone who is under hisheel..err..thumb..no..no…supervision, yeah that’s it supervision. So should the rest of us expect any different? I should hope not…I guess.
So after days of beating myself up over suspecting that my country’s President and his administration are a bunch of crooks I received an email from my brother in law in Michigan. He works for Chrysler, well sort of, and for years prior to actually build Chrysler’s, he sold those same vehicles at dealerships all over Michigan. He’s one of those odd Democrats who votes Democrat because his parents did and their parents did etc. He’s not pro choice or pro tax or anti military or the like but he believes that old wives tale that Democrats are for the “little” man. So I was surprised when he sent me an email with a link to an article that was pushing statistical information that seems to show that a huge proportion of Chrysler dealerships that have been shut down are those owned by large republican or libertarian donors. They even seem to have shut down successfully performing dealerships over lesser performers when the successful dealership was owned by a Republican. If this turns out to be true I couldn’t even begin to understand all the laws that they didn’t break (snark alarm).
So in the end I have concluded that I am just too damn stupid and I just don’t understand the intricacies and inner workings of this administration. And that just because this President associates himself with known terrorists like Ayers and Dohrn and crooks like Rezko and Blagojevich and preachers of hate like Wright and Pfleger I shouldn’t rush to judgment and I should strive to be understanding and inclusive. I probably shouldn’t make hay out of the fact that Obama used dirty tricks to get everyone kicked of the ticket in his first ever election right? I mean what can all of this actually tell us about Obama the person? I’ll tell you what it tells us! Without one bit of doubt or uncertainty my country’s President and his administration are a bunch of dictatorial, corrupt
individuals without an iota of honesty nor a shred of human decency!

That’s my two cents take it or leave it. But heck what do I know, I’m just a right wing extremist
all clingy to those tired old institutions I hold dear like the Constitution, my Bible and my freedom.

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