Chrysler..the New "Volkswagen" or "The Peoples Car"... whether you want it or not.

Today the Obama Administration paid of the “Campaign Debt” it
owed to the UAW in spectacular fashion! Yes sir, if Chrysler can get the rest of its debtors on board
with their Obama stamped plan and seal the deal with Fiat then the UAW will get a 55% share of Chrysler. 55% Share…. And get this….after all of that THEN Chrysler will be eligible for more government (taxpayer) bailout money! Yeah!!! HooRay!!! Ain’t that fricken special.
So the UAW will have a 55% share and We The People (government) will own an ever increasing percentage right? So what percentage will be left to actually call Chrysler? And how will anything change as whats left will still have to bear the choking union debt that’s incurred by having to do business with the UAW?