Tax Them and They Shall Leave!

Ahh yes in another chapter of “Tax Them and They Shall Leave” we find that bastion of taxation, New York, at it again. They’ve dropped all pretenses and moved from “wealth re-distribution” to plain old “distribution of the wealthy”.
We can only come to the conclusion that the political Left are idiots. This will be the same old failure that raising taxes on cigarettes to fund cigarette related health care initiatives was or the same with liquor, beer and wine to fund the “Ole Wino’s Home”. The only thing different, for better or worse depending on your point of view, is that in this case they will be driving what little tax paying base they have left to move to a more hospitable local. They won’t be able to have their cigs, or booze etc shipped in from out of state to get around this punishing taxation. Nope finally all they’ll have left is to take their depleted wallets and leave. New York will have finally reached it’s dream of being a welfare state in which all are equally poor and without and anyone who might have been interested in serving the economy has left for even slightly greener pastures.
Businesses are fleeing like rodents in front of a grass fire and very very soon you’ll see stories about all the people fleeing the city and they’ll all twiddle their thumbs and wonder why.