Censorship & Watch Lists! The Silencing of Conservatives

Man I have to say, things are sure getting scary…We all know the Left is involved in a no-holds barred
battle to find someway to shut down the Conservative voice that is Talk Radio. How they don’t choke
when they call “FOUL” and say our side monopolizes A.M. band of the radio and they need equal time to rebut, so too speak, amazes me. If I, as a Democrat, owned *95% of all television and newsprint media thus giving the Conservative voice almost nil representation, I think I’d have a real hard time keeping a straight face..and I don’t know if I’d even care id I did!
So their working like lil’ ole bees to find some way to shut us up and suppress our Take on things and we look to the left and we see Obama striving and pushing to create a sort of Civil Force, Public Allies or whatever their called, and have them as well supported as the Army! Shades of Brownshirts and violence filled nights fill my head! I must be crazy right? I mean this is America…..
We the People…
And than, my mind already at battle with itself over Obama and the Left bankrupting my country for generations, trying to censor 50% of the countries voice, using our tax dollars to fund the murder of children, the destruction of our education system and on
and on I come across this gem of a story!

Do you like Ron Paul or oppose abortion? You may be a member of a militia, according to a new report by a government information collection agency.

You have to read this, and with that all of the other things that are going on. They are using a disaster, that has their hand prints all over it, to force fundamental changes to our form
of government and our personality and path as a country. When it becomes obvious that your government is knowingly working against the interests of the country as a whole and instead has turned inward and is pushing an agenda that is only in the interests of the ruling Party and not The Union itself, what do you do?
The Watch Lists are here people! Not just for our enemies..no no! Now, right now! Our portion of our country is considering using criteria such as being Pro-life or a third party member to list you as a possible militia member and worth investigating. Membership to RedState might just be grounds for
Damn…and I don’t own any jackboots.