Healthcare...Obama Style!

_While we were looking one way…

While everyone was cheering or jeering about the monetary value of the “Alleged Stimulus Bill” some health care legislation was slipped in that may actually kill people in the end. You see our government, who half of this country seems to think actually cares about them and their financial and health well being, has seen fit to tell health care providers that government, not the doctors, will make the call about what procedures will be used to treat your ailments. And these choices the government is going to make for you, about the treatment of your illness or injury, will be what they
decide is cost effective and not necessarily the best.
Instead of honest and logical tort reform and making an determined effort to bring to an end the frivolous lawsuits that have become a burden to the medical professions and caused skyrocketing malpractice insurance costs and thus expensive health care costs the current majority has chosen to make a push at /becoming /our health care provider. Many in the medical community already are familiar with the almost punitive amount of red tape and hoop jumping you have to do to get compensated for those federally supported patients they already deal with. Imagine the bureaucracy that will be in place that not only tells the doctor what treatment he’s going to give, how much he’s going to be allowed to charge and oh by the way here’s the basic 50 pages of paperwork per patient you need to have filled out and filed in order to think about getting payed. The already huge mountain of policy work and government inspections and certifications required for hospitals and doctors to get back an ever decreasing percentage of reimbursement will skyrocket to new heights. Oh and that poor patient who died because an over worked, underpaid and less than enthusiastic surgeon left a pair of scissors in his abdomen which pieced his bowel one day and caused a fatal infection…let his family try and sue the government or a government instructed doctor. Good luck with that! And remember….it’s all ok because their intentions were good….right?