I Really Miss Tom "The Hammer" DeLay, We Could Really Use A Hammer Right Now!

It is so painfully apparent that our party, Ye Grand Ole Party, desperately needs a Tom DeLay like persona to “Hammer” our Republican representatives back in line. He had this ability to get the votes he needed when he needed them and was able to keep the other House Republicans in line.
The state of Senate as it relates to Republicans is pitiful. It’s beyond me that so many Republican Senators are falling for Obama’s schmoozing and boozing and giving Obama their votes for basically nothing. None of them seem to remember how brutally hard the Democrats fought every Republican nomination from the Supreme Court to Dog Catcher. They didn’t share in the bi-partisan cookie one bit and the only concessions given were given by us even when we were in the majority. Those years have to be the worst case of a wasted majority in the history of our country. And now while the left hollers bi-partisanship and says we all need to work together they cram through what ever legislation they want with little or no republican input at all.
It is IMPERATIVE that Republicans stand united against the Obama administration and their horrible policies so that as they fail, and they WILL fail, only the Democrats can be held responsible. We need to make sure they own this fiasco 100% and that we scream that fact to everyone every day so there is no chance at confusion about who owns it.
Who will be our “Hammer” in the House and Senate? We need to find our conservative warriors fast and encourage them to fight.