Chavez wants what?????

Chavez, that dictator-in-waiting actually has the cajones to seek out western oil companies for help.  Seems the drop in the price of oil has hampered his desire to create a socialist utopia.
As an American citizen what would you recommend? I know what I’d do, I’d tell him to choke on that oil when it’s all he’s got left to eat. But that’s just me…I’m the soft hearted type ya know.
Should western oil companies take him up on his offer? It’s not like he raided their offices and nationalized their leases and hit them with punitive taxes…….oh that’s right he did didn’t he. Well is it worth the risk? Good money after bad? Or should they tell the Little Dictator-in-waiting to shove it you know where?
Me personally, I vote for the Shove it response.