If Harry Reid is being truthful than John McCain is a stinking liar

After the first amnesty fiasco McCain said “He heard our voices” and wouldn’t make any moves on immigration reform(amnesty) until all borders were secured etc etc etc. Many of us, myself included, weren’t sure if that was believable given his hiring of Juan Hernandez but given what we were up against in the election many took him at his word. Well the borders aren’t secured, the fences basically non existent and our failed nominee for presidenthas agreed to work with Obama to cram through so called immigration reform.If this is true, and I tend to believe it is, then we are in for another battle.Our country CAN’T and shouldn’t HAVE to pay the costs this reform will heap on us. At this time in our country’s economic situation it would be nothing but a whole bunch more nails in our financial coffin. With all the work we need to do to turn this country around I can’t believe they want to add this divisive and costly issue to the list.Also, if this is true I personally will do and encourage to do all that can be done to make sure it’s McCain’s last term in the Senate. That may not be possible but I’ll make damn sure he hears about it every chance I can. He’s just another lying kool-aid drinker from Washington who could care less about his word or about that representative portion of our democracy!

I’m sorry but this just pisses me off to no end. I see my kids and grandkidsleft with nothing, with the only “Change” being the two dimes and a nickle they’ll have left when the government gets done with them. It’s “Change” alright, Change America into a third world country!