Writing the obituary for Conservative Radio**UPDATED**

The American Thinker has a very interesting story about Obama’s fight to silenceconservative voices. And he’s trying to do it without the Fairness Doctrine.I truly hope conservative politicians and citizens are paying attention or whatlittle voice we have out there may be silenced for years to come.Read this and then lets hear some ideas on how to tackle this RIGHT NOW! If they silence us on talk radio how long will it be tillconservative blogs are no longer acceptable?

UPDATE: The following is a link to a pdf file created by the National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium with ALL the information you need to file complaints. There’s a form at the end. I have to chuckle as I don’t thinkthey planned for our ilk to make use of their creation. Lets do this folks and lets get the word out to every conservative you know, bloggers etc. I’llput mine together tomorrow and post it before I send it out. I’ll have no problem finding offensive material to “complain” about given the large varietyof sources to choose from. Sempre Fi!