Oh Israel, Hast Thou Taken the Wooden Nickel?

After questions about Obamas support, or lack there of, of Israel he went there and in front of the press supported Israel’s right of defense and existence. Given his association withfriends of Hamas etc. and other anti-Israel associates like his friendand sometimes mentor Farrakhan it’s hard for me to believe he is on Israels side. During his campaign he fired Robert Malley for meeting with Hamas. There was some arguing back and forth as to whether Malley was actually an adviser to Obama or an informal adviser to Obama but not actually part of the team. It’s kinda hard to fire someone who’s not part of the teambut hey, semantics right? Well guess what, it’s been confirmed that Presidential-elect Barack Obama has dispatched his senior foreign policy adviser Robert Malley to Egypt and Syria to outline the Democrat’s policy on the Middle East. Gee now he’s gone from fired to senior foreign policy adviser and his first mission is to meet with Egypt and Israel’s good friend Syria. Nice

Mazel Tov, their gonna need it.