Congressman Alcee Hastings has shown his hand and played that race card!

Today Congressman Alcee Hastings dropped his mask and played his hand and called Sarah Palin a racist. It seems that Mr. Hastingshas come to the conclusion that if you hunt moose you are also likely not to care about what happens to Jews and Americans of African descent. Only a racistfilled with hate could possibly believe this rant bears any semblance of truth.How Jewish Americans, who should be uniquely aware of what it can be like to be ostracized and hated merely for who they are, do not stand up and denounce suchracist dialogue is beyond me. How Democrats aren’t burned in effigy by their own constituents for demonizing her religion, sex, looks and political affiliation, all of which the left claim they will go to their graves defending,just proves how deep hypocrisy has become embedded in their party and how morality no longer play a part in their lives.

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