Ever have that feeling like you were being scre...robbed? Well guess what?

Man I can't even begin to wonder what it's like to toss around numbers like

700 Billionand 9.6 Trillion. The amount of debt they are about to foist on our kids and grandkids and probably even theirs is unfathomable. Yet I hardly hear a peep out of fiscal conservatives, hell any real conservatives! They are going to throw open your wallet and reward bad businessmen, businesses,and business practices with your hard earned tax dollars. There going to take your money and blow it trying to solve a problem they created and not but a squeak from those few fiscally astute conservatives with enough cojones to say something about it. Oh yeah there are articles and sound bites from numerouspoliticos on how they warned everybody it was going to happen and they tried this and that but what about now huh?
Why, tell me why is there no one having a serious conversation about getting the market to help with this? Wouldn’t this be a great time to take a bold step towards tax reform? Where are all the flat taxers and fair taxers when they really should be making noise? Imagine the investment that would bring. How about drastically cutting corporate taxes and dare I even suggest, say a five year repeal of the capital gains tax. (gasp…be still my heart) Something, anything,… make yourselves heard!
Or is it over? Has this great experiment, this representative democracy spent its way into a sort of Americanized Socialism? The collective nanny state where success is penalized and ambition an always expensive path to more burdensome taxes and eventually less of a desire to succeed? Lord I hope not. But everyday , well….it seems headed that way. And we can’t afford it.

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