Will GOP cave in on Drill Here Drill Now?

From the Capital Hill newspaper

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) cautioned Republicans Monday against forcing a government shutdown over expanded oil drilling while noting increased support for bipartisan energy legislation… Republicans are mulling whether to press the offshore oil drilling fight by blocking the funding resolution, which contains the congressional moratorium on such drilling. Reid reminded the GOP that its government shutdown led by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) during the Clinton administration was met with widespread public disapproval.”


“We are not interested in any games being played. We simply want to make sure the government is allowed to function. There have been Republicans saying what they want to do is close down the government. I would hope that some of those people have read very recent history where Gingrich tried to do that and it didn’t work out well for the Republicans and certainly didn’t work out well for this country.”

This government funding legislation also has the moratorium on drilling in it.
What that has to do with funding the government is rather vague…well non-existent really. It’s a move by Reid to reinstate the moratorium by threatening bad press for the GOP if they block the funding bill.

We HAVE to make noise and call and fax and email EVERYONE and let them no we don’t care, we want the moratorium ended and we want to drill NOW. If we aren’t on top of this we are gonna get duped again by the Democrats. If there is a government shutdown we have to make sure the people know why… we have to scream it from coast to coast as loud as we can! BLOCK THE LEGISLATION!