The Evolution of the Democrat Party

For most of my adult life I was of the belief that both parties, Republican and Democrat, were basically the same. That for both of us the end result was the same, we just differed on how to get there. And maybe, back in the days of Kennedy and before, that was true. But today the Democrat Party is a very different animal indeed. It is a political party whose doctrine has become its religion. With no moral center it has evolved into a selfish group of people who will stop at nothing to gain and maintain power regardless of its effect on those they claim to serve. For you see, the country and its health is no longer their priority, they are “things” to manipulate and railroad so they can keep their seat at the table of power and increase their wealth and standing.

How many of us remember Ronald Reagans funeral. A former President passes away and the streets are lined with liberals holding signs saying “Reagans in Hell” and “Reagan is Satan”. His wife Nancy deserved this? Her husband is dead after a long suffering illness and they don’t even have enough class to let him be buried in peace. Robert Novak develops brain cancer and the libs online cheer. Post after post exclaimed to the world how Novak was deserving of this cancer and they hoped he suffered mightily. As many of us conservatives know this behaviour and attitude is nothing new as of late and it has become increasingly more apparent as Obama begins to slide in the polls. This is something that separates us from them. Do any of you think that had Bill Clinton died during his second term there would have been Republicans out on the streets with signs saying he deserved it? I don’t think so, as a matter of fact I know we wouldn’t. When Kennedy was diagnosed with his brain cancer all I saw at conservative blogs were posts saying they hope he gets well and that they wouldn’t wish that on their worst enemy. Huge differences in our behaviour and attitudes in dealing with people we disagree with. We try to base our arguments in fact and logic with as little emotion as possible yet Democrat arguments are almost wholly based in emotion and lately that driving emotion is hate.

Recently we have been able to watch the Democrats deal with McCains choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. It’s interesting to watch the fits they are having trying to deal with her. They have tossed all attempts at courtesy aside and attacked Sarah, her husband, their children and her religion by making up stories and just out right lying every chance they get. They “hate” the idea that a woman, who is not a democrat, may just become Vice-President of the United States. They “hate” that she is a strong conservative woman who is smart and well spoken. They “hate” that with Trig she “chose” life instead of having an abortion and they have shown that as far as freedom of choice goes the only choice they support is death. Do you see a common thread in all this? They have no respect for life, no respect for those they disagree with and no respect for our representative democracy.

So here we are, it’s September 2008, Obamas people have told him he needs to get tough, get mean. The Dems are all over Alaska twisting every little thing they find trying to hurt Sarah Palin. ACORN, some of Obamas neighborhood organizing buddies, are in Michigan taking part in one of the Democrats favorite election tools, voter fraud. MSM photographers are laughing about how they got McCain to pose for crappy pictures and because he fell for it his people must be “unsophisticated”. And McCain and Palin have gone UP in the polls!

Hate, anger and dishonesty, in the end, do not motivate nor do they create direction of purpose. They become scattered and disoriented with multiple agendas instead of acting as a team with purpose. They are their own worst enemy as long as we don’t become complacent and we stay on track. We need to stay positive and on message and speak to the nation about the issues that effect them.