The Left has sunk so low they'd have to look up to see the devil!

Obviously the Left has decided to drop what little class they had left and will make up ANYTHING to hurt Sarah Palin. DailyKOS, no surprise here, has started the rumor that Palins young son, born with Downs Syndrome, is actually the illegitimate son of Sarahs teenage daughter Bristol. There is absolutely NO proof of this and their idea of “proof” is a supposed tummy bump shown in a picture that turns out to be dated in 2006, Trig was born in 2008.
And not to be left out Alan Colmes, on his blog LiberLand, sank low enough to actually state that maybe Sarah Palin was responsible for her sons medical condition because of her alleged lack of prenatal care. Like this scumbag would have a clue about ANYTHING let alone the state of Trigs prenatal care. There no longer is a level Dems WON”T sink to. I am truly disgusted.

Read and prepare to be nauseated. http://townhall.com/blog/g/9b3375c7-6a27-4b5e-9204-b267282a1ce1?comments=true#comments