WOW 5 years at Redstate

back in 2005 I decided to sign up so I could read and understand more fully the true meaning of conservatism, having lived the majority of my life in the Peoples republic of Massachusetts a lot of the things I was reading on this blog thingy were rather new and novel to me.
Seeing that a few years prior I had moved to sunnier climes (Florida) I found myself in a rather conservative area of the state and I thank all the posters at Redstate for providing me with an education in conservatism and its many different types and varieties.
I have watched and only very occasionally written while many of the greats have come and gone to and from the halls of this blog some have left in a fit of anger while others have passed this mortal coil and others yet have left to create something more on their own personal style my thanks go to all of you
Happy birthday??