FL05 Debate Pasco County

I had the opportunity tonight to attend the debate between Jason Sager and Dick Nugent running for the 5th district of Florida congressional seat. It became painfully obvious after the opening statements that things weren’t going well for Mr. Nugent, he began answering the questions from an independent moderator and immediately seemed to throw up a very defensive posture as though he was the man on stage with no pants on, his voice was trembling and he had a very poor showing. In contrast Mr. Sager was very sure of himself on the stage and had his answers down exact although he did not try to make Mr. Nugent look like a fool he didn’t have to as Dick did that all by himself.
When near the end of the debate Mr. Nugent began giving Democrat talking point answers he was actually booed by the audience. Score this debate at a huge win for Jason Sager .
I also had the privilege and honor of meeting Mr. Big Gator 5 at this event I know he had his video with him and he may show some soon.